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As the founder of, a financial coach, and Certified Financial Education Instructor‚Ą†, I mentor those seeking financial freedom by providing strategies to increase savings, improve credit scores, eliminate debt, and stock market investing. As a recent retiree of the Department of the Treasury, where I specialized in financial crimes, I have experienced some common financial pitfalls and missteps along the way.

I know it is easy to focus on the lack of money when the solutions you need to reach your financial freedom are right in front of you. Sometimes there is no one you can talk to or turn to for help. Some of us do not learn about finances or the importance of our credit score until we are stuck with those high-interest payments or denied a loan or credit. Making a salary and managing money are two distinct aspects under your control.

Now it is my mission to support those who need help with their finances. I want to help you work toward your financial and lifestyle goals. I'm a living example that the strategies I share and used over the years to accomplish my financial goals can help you turn your finances around to get you out of debt, increase your savings, and retire early. It's time to stop living paycheck to paycheck, creating debts that don’t support your lifestyle goals. Let me help you create the financial freedom you seek to help you live the life you desire and gain the sense of financial security you deserve. 


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