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After my personal experience of heading towards financial ruin,   and coaching family and friends. I know it is easy to focus on the lack of money when the solutions you need to reach your financial freedom are right in front of you. Sometimes there is no one you can talk to or turn to for help. Some of us do not learn about finances or the importance of our credit score until we are stuck with those high-interest payments or denied a loan or credit. Making a salary and managing money are two distinct aspects under your control. How do I know? 

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She really helped me!

“She will get you where you need to be to achieve your goals. So, whether you need coaching for your personal life or financial knowledge to get you to your next step or beyond, you've come to the right place.  Sheila will get you there--know it and believe it." – Deb

Love the book!

"Sheila has mastered the art of teaching many financial lessons while telling real-life stories. She has helped the average person, who may have an interest in finances and stock, by presenting the information in layman’s terms. I am excited..." Thanks, Sheila! " - Cynthia

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“We truly appreciate how Sheila has helped us to gain control of our budget. Through hands-on support, creating our budget binder, and consistently checking in with us, she has truly helped us make smart financial decisions for our family of four." - Brienne & Sedrick

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